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Jan 9, 2021, 12:30 AM 194 read

Is Dream's Speedrun Cheated?

Hello internet users! So today, although a bit late to the party, I will be talking about Dream's 16th place speedrun. Now there is a lot of grey area here, but I have crafted a theory about it. So I do believe that Dream had used a chance modifier to increase the drop rates of the ender pearls just because of the sheer blanket odds. So here is my theory, I think that Dream had used the modifiers, but then people are saying "Oh, why would he cheat for a 16th place run?", well because he didn't cheat for 16th place, I believe he was trying for something greater, probably top 5 or better. I believe that even after he used the modifiers, he didn't know how many ender pearls were in the stronghold frame because it is normally randomized unless using a set seed, which he wasn't. So I think that even after using modifiers, he had bad luck on the stronghold frame, leading to he cheating demise. So long story short, I think he cheated using a better ender pearl drop rate so he can do greater than others, but then the random nature of a random seed speedrun, caused him to not have enough for the stronghold frame and ruined a faked world record. But hey, It's just my own opinions and thoughts, so i'm not 100% sure about this theory, but it's just a guess.

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