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Essential Things To Make in Minecraft

When I started playing Minecraft, I had no clue what I was doing. To be honest though, nothing has changed in the last few months and I’ve been using my brother’s advice and help to discover the best ways to do things and how to do things, in general. I talked with him about the most important things you should know how to make in the game and why. There were some things I found out in the process that I’d like to share with you new players out there that could change a lot for you!  

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  1. Charcoal  

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Charcoal is a big thing to have if you can get your hands on it. It’s not the toughest to mine up BUT it’s much easier if you can find a furnace. Get some wood (plenty of that around!) and put it in a furnace (in towns or just craft it out of a circle of cobblestone or blackstone). Then you can use the charcoal for cooking meat and other things to make your life better in game. So rather than waiting to mine in caves you’re unfamiliar with, just cut down a load of firewood and there you go!   2. Map

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Maps are extremely helpful to make but the problem is when you can’t figure out how to make it. I tried using ink, papers, books, and so many other variations of items to make one. The answer is simple, though! Get 8 pieces of paper and a compass. Encircle the compass and BOOM, map! Stop losing yourself in your exploration and get back home easier and safer with your new handy tool!   3. Bucket

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According to my brother, buckets are essential. Get three iron ingots (smelt with coal or just find them) and you can now carry water and lava for farming and cooking. Also, if you have cows (you’re going to have cows…) then you’ll be able to milk them. Their milk is used for recipes that create foods that will fill you. Also, if you ever decide you want to be a vegetarian in game, you’re going to need a bucket!   4. Leads

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A slimeball and 4 string is all it takes to make a lead. I had no idea what this was until my brother explained. Once he told me what it can do, I knew it was important. Leads can be used to guide animals and move them where you want and need. Something like that can help you start up your very own farm and you’ll soon be filling your belly with meat and other goods!   5. Fishing Pole

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Get yourself 3 sticks and 2 string and you can be an amazing fisher! Is there anything good about fishing? Well, if you’d like a chance at some random items to use then you can definitely rely on fishing to get them for you. Also, you can put a carrot at the end of the fishing pole and ride a saddled pig if you’d like, controlling him that way. It’s a genius invention and one of most popular things players do, these days.   6. Golden Apple

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It may not make any sense but if you get an apple, surround it with golden ingots or golden blocks and you can have a golden apple (apparently the golden blocks are better to use for the stats you get from eating the apple). After eating your apple you’ll get whatever random buff it decides to give you and you’ll be able to consider yourself a superhero for a short period of time! Take advantage of the opportunity if you have a lot of gold to spare and apples growing around you!   7. Pumpkin Pie

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My brother told me different foods that are great to eat for health regeneration and for other reasons. But, pumpkin pie was the only one he said HAD to make the list. The reason is because it requires one pumpkin, one egg, and one sugar to make it. Most people will be making cakes instead which require a lot more materials to craft. It also feeds you for more of your HP and is overall much more beneficial than the cake. So get yourself some chickens, make some sugar, grow a bunch of pumpkins, and feast on your pumpkin pies!  

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  What other items are essential to Minecraft besides the regular swords, armor, and other normal things? I’d love to know (I actually need a lot of help…). Let me down below if you agree with the items on the list and let me know if any of the things were helpful for you! Hopefully you can make use of these items! Enjoy and good luck!

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