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Haha that's me

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Great game

Good game

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What do y'all play on?

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Who has 1.9

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What kept u playing minecraft till now 🤔. Issue 1

Today is what I have searched up for all the minecraft players that don't understand why they are still playing minecraft? I found it hard to give explanation of why we still play minecraft.
After spending half a day researching why the hell minecraft is still at the top of most active game next to fortnite(fortnite is goinging to die soon). We found out this stated. Minecraft earns lesser then 1 million a month by the game it self and another 1million from the community. To Microsoft it is just a penny. Computers they sold is more then their primary game lounge. Surprisingly they have daily players up to 4 million per day giving them 3%of community donations per day. Up to a month of 8 million players online once. Not the same players but different players giving them 35%of community donations
Last month community round up was, 3 million dollers. Again a penny. Now let's get to the main point of what today's issue is about.

Minecraft a game that many PEAPLE still play. What kept us in the game today the topic is community. The community is already a giant shareholder for the income rate of mojang. When notch left many you tubers impressions were that they aspect minecraft to fall. But notch came prepared for the day it came, he left. He told the rest of the rest of the ops that he would let the community go and decide what to do, giving them a chance to vote for the update was not big enough for notch. He said "the community of minecraft is a major part of mojang, giving them donations and gifts were because of them, here in mojang the community decide rather or not which thing should we put in the game, that's just votes we want more of the community has instead of voting for our ideas. We let them make their own ideas"in the interview before he left "so mods are the best way to give the community a chance for their ideas to shine make them them selves, and have a greater and more active community of which ideas come in here and there."

Mods are a good addition to the game play since when u finished everything u can do in the game mods can have better experience.

Now mine con. Not like fortnite minecraft like to do their updates slowly so they can come out for richer ideas, the 1.14 update was goinging to add pandas cats new villager trades and customatics etc etc. It was stated in the mine con itself. But when the snapshot came out and it was halloween they in truduce newer crafting tables. This is causing mojang getting a way to add more blocks, last time mine raft can only have a limited amount of blocks but now they cracked it we will be suspecting more blocks the new walls and new stairs, porbly new ores.

What I am trying to get straight to u guys is minecraft is a active, slow, realistic, never ending game ply due to mods, liitle updates can go up to a video con, and that we here all agree minecraft is at least a 4star grading for game play 🤯⭐⭐⭐⭐
5 star for community effort🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
And 4 star for creates care and love

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I miss this game


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