My first house I spent time on

Any building tips?

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FORTCRAFT 'The Plan' Event.


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Best House You’ve Ever Made?

Hello Everyone! The Banana King has retuned from his hiatus and is back to posting for the time being, please tell your friends and local farmers! But today I decided to ask all of you Minecraft Adventurists and Creeper Slayers... #QuestionTime

What’s the Best House you’ve Ever Made?

Personally over my multiple years of playing Minecraft I’ve built SO many houses... and each have been completely different and cool in their own ways, and honestly I can’t remember half. I still remember playing on mobile just finding the nearest cave and making a cliff slide house, it was usually pretty crappy. But my most recent build on my Survival world has to be my best house period... it’s just very well made and neat. Most importantly it’s efficient, now while this question is the best house you’ve made, Creative Builds Count as answers count so show me your Best House you think you’ve ever Made!




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Survive the explosion, you cAn promise me. saVE the youth, for the faMily. The majority of thEm!

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23.5 9.20, 14.15.20

Goodbye, FortCraft!

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Who wants the cave update instead of the Nether update

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Best Mobspawner near Village <3

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Help!!! I forgot how to do this ⬇️

I haven’t played Minecraft in a few months now and I forgot how to install mods, texture packs, and download maps FOR MINECRAFT JAVA EDITION

Anyone? Help? Please... 😅😭🙏

Much love 💕

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Hi I need help.... Im making minecraft server and I need help figuring out a name so if u guys have any ideas dm me plz

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Need advice for finding Ender Portal‼️ (Beginner Tips)

I have trouble finding the nether portal every world I make !

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My First own Wallpaper ;p

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Minecraft world already made

You have too build up your base we will help no trolls 🙂

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Why Tho???

Why ya'll asking for a minecraft gf, like bruh, just like shush, nobody wanna date your sorry minecraft steve lookin ass.

(This is a joke but i actually dont want to be spammed with ppl asking for a minecraft gf)

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I have a question

I am doing a survey to see how many people would enjoy a minecraft livestream on twitch. I am asking this as a general question so even if you wouldn't watch me would you watch a livestream in General. Like if you would dislike if you wouldn't.

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3D build

Took about 3 hours to make. (Not the highest quality)

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Another build for the bois

Another build I made, took about 30 minutes to make. (not the highest quality btw

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ME in jackseptickeye's world seed


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New possible project details

Title - The Bank Robbers

Genre - Action/Comedy

Bio - Follows a group of criminals robbing banks.

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Poll for people's interests

I am curious to find out whether people are more excited for minecraft earth or minecraft dungeons, so comment the one who are most excited for if you are also interested--mine is dungeons if you're wondering.

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Fun fact

Spooktober on redit is just peolple reposting old spooktober posts to get upvotes--even pewdiepie agrees! Don't know how this is related to minecraft though...

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Another Minecraft Build

Took me about an hour to complete, suggest what I should do next. (Might not be the best quality of builds, but I at least try)

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We have won the battle... But it's time to win the war.

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What have I built??? 🤮😂

I'm also trying out a nother texture pack as you can see

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Finaly (stone block)

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Thoughts of this?

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Its time to go back😔

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What Does Nether Wart Do?

I play minecraft but I dont do anything advanced and I'm starting a advanced minecraft series on my channel and there is one more thing I need to know. What does nether wart do?

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Alright so this glitch is happening

I open the mc launcher and it tells me that it's open, then it randomly closes (mind the wallpaper

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