Revelation LV.20 S
Oct 26, 2020, 06:49 AM 35 read

Welcome All Respectful/Economy/1.16.3 PC Java IP Players! BetterEnd/Aether out now!


I have a community of about 300 people from apps/online who live and play in harmony. We play survival only, keep inventory on, and we are looking for you! The new player! 1.16.3 Now Live!! PLUG INS: BetterEnd (biomes in end, including Aether!) Ultimate Shops PREMIUM! Claim System One Man Sleep ! MoreMobHeads /home /warp /tpa /sell hand /pay /balance Public warps^ REALM RULES: To get great detailed book of rules, see world spawn. #1 No Griefing/Breaking of property that isn't yours. #2 This includes Chests /NO Stealing/Snooping/Searching Others Homes #3 Respect your neighbor / Public Areas #4 Expand your land! Most of all, thank you, the player ♡ Please Join! IP is in Discord How To Guide! Now ft. Vivecraft/VR support! (Not needed to play)

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