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Oct 23, 2019, 08:59 AM 158 read

My new Minecraft server!

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• 🎃 Please read the whole message 👻 • 💀 • Click this post to view the rest! • 🎁 🙌 Ok so I am making this post as an invitation to an open beta on my new RPG Minecraft server that I am currently developing. The server has a ton of cool features and I would like you to come join and check it out. I am sure that there will be at least one thing that you like on my server. I code most of the custom features myself. • INFORMATION • 🙌 The server is a RPG experience using the latest Minecraft version (1.14.4) with 1.8 PvP mechanics. The server is a mixture of competitive players as well as laid-back players. We have custom enchantments, Mcmmo, Land Claiming, and a ton of custom features like clans which allow you to create a team and invite your friends and set a clan home. (This is not factions.) We also have a custom leveling system in which rewards you with a new kit every 10 levels just for playing! There is so much more to explore on the server and I would love it if you can check it out! If you are interested in the server, you can join the discord and or join the server using the IP listed below! • SERVER IPs • 🙌 If one of the IPs do not work, use the other. • DISCORD •

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