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Is gunboundM good game?

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Very Nice

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team 2 vs 2

me rindo adiós al juego de que sirve jugar si cuando te emparejan con puros idiotas que ni jugar saber y hasta se matan solo , a si cuando diablos subire de nivel , ojalá mejorará el emparejamiento en equipo es asco

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Game Cancellers are Ruining this Game.

Tonight me and my partner matched about 12 to 15 people in a row who just canceled the game. They swipe out of the app and go unpunished. Both my partner and I are gold dragons. We never cancel games. It often takes us 15 minutes to find a single match. It got so bad tonight that my partner got frustrated and quit. This issue has been going on for over a year now and a half. The leaderboards are a joke, half of the players are game cancellers.

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Which is the best tank?

I should try to pick it up
which one?

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ojalá el emparejamiento de 2 vs 2 sean los dos del mismo nivel eso es lo único que falta al juegl equilibrio

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Raygun appreciation thread

I'd like to thanks Dargom for this amazing mobile. Imo this is the best mobile they made so far, design looks good, good sound effects, good shots concept.
Amazing job, well done.

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New Mobile Looks Awesome

LV.19 Dragon 6mo

Clan Battles with Zone Conquest

Its too much to ask. In other games its fun addition.
In this one, a Clan can conquer a Zone for fame and minor bonuses(i.e. CP gain for top100).

LV.19 Dragon 6mo

Matchmaking Suggestion

Please increase the time before matching with AI for higher leagues. There are less players in higher leagues so it naturally takes more time.

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I want to enter this page with my facebook account they reject i dont know why someone help me .. Please

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porfavor hagan algo con el sistema de parejas que sean del mismo nivel y misma temporada

porfavor que el juego haga algo con el sistema de juego doble con las parejas sean del mismo nivel y mismo rango ,porque siempre me tocan de masito de madera para abajo me hacen bajar mis gps porfa arreglen el sistema pareja

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Grinding hard level for mere 400-600gold is so boring. Can we get a reset of the event battles monthly or some new maps with higher gold especially when dungeon does not give gold or mobile exp.

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por qué

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manda mensagem pra mim

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Clan Stronghold and Clan Wars

Clan Stronghold:
The idea is that a clan can choose a type of stronghold(animal, machine, shield) to serve as a home and serve as defense for other clan raids(similar how you beat world boss).
Members can spend SP, gems and gears to level up the stronghold.
Clan raids will be recorded so the Clan can retaliate from the attackers.
Clan Members can join in 1v1 or 2v2 along with the Stronghold to fight the clan raiders.
Clan Wars:
Similar to dungeon, but each Zone can be conquered by a clan from other clans who currently held that. The gameplay can still be simple as 1v1 or 2v2, only that the Zone indicate which clan currently own it and some benefits in owning the Zone(like +1 move, accuracy, etc).
That giant elephant in the background could be a memorial of Clan Stronghold-animal type?
Now for your imagination of a World Boss representing each Clan's Stronghold...

LV.19 Dragon 7mo

Challenge Specific Player into Duel

The search for player ID in adding a friend panel is nice. But would it be great if you can search a player ID and challenge that player into a duel..... And an online and not online note in player profile so the wait to accept the challenge won't be in vain.

LV.19 Dragon 7mo

Clan battles please

pretty please

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Make Boomer Great Again

This game stains boomers legacy. Trico is easier, does more damage, and has way more hp, thus making Boomer irrelevant.


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Any player Gunbound M here ? Please let me know . We will be a friend .

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add pra jogar.

alguém querendo jogar?

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Add Clan Battle and Tournaments!

It would be great if you can add:
Clan Battles
Player Ranked Tournament
Free for all Tournament
Clan Tournament
To resolve the issue of matching system for time-zones, you can set schedules to them similar to how "World Boss" works.
"Clan Battles" is basically clan vs clan to test out which clan is the best and bring out rivalries. Much better if wins and losses to which clan are recorded.
"Player Ranked Tournament" is 1v1 & 2v2 mode for player with same rank.
"Free for all Tournament" is for all rank.
"Clan Tournament" all clans can participate to become champion of the season.
The rewards can totally depend on you and "business practice" to make this game modes engaging.

LV.19 Dragon 8mo

So sick of this S mob duplicates...

I appreciate the effort of giving us an option to take a mob out of the draw options..

But for the 20th time I pulled for a S mob for a year duration, I got 5 or 6 duplicates.. I am considered lucky at this point to only have this amount of duplicates.. You know what makes this situation worse, I was given all the mobiles I don't want.. The ones that I want are still left inside the pack. Like what the heck tami.. I already spent a lot of money and gears in this game just so I can keep collecting my favorite mobiles.. Just to get screwed like this.

Taking out one option in the pack is not enough man... We want escalating odds for non duplicates... You devs gotta balance this thing out because this mobile pull system is just plain crap when duplicates are still here.. The chance of us getting the mobile we want is low enough as it is.. Adding the duplicate chance simply makes this game more discouraging.

Next month, I will pull again for an S mob by conserving the extracted duplicate mob.. I will pull on a mobile pack with 4/12 duplicate chances. If I still got a duplicate after this, I'm sorry to say but no more gems for you ever..

LV.2 Lurker 8mo


After buying gems to pull in the jewel seeker pack, I was lucky to complete helmet S.. I added four pieces of 5% damage reduce jewel.. so 4x5%=20% damage reduce.. And I made sure to put the helmet S in my fattest tank which is a lv50 turtle S.

I played fvf with my clanmate.. He went first with a trico{so no items or powerups whatsoever}... And the guy hit my turtle for freaking 260+ damage... I know trico is overpowered.. But 260+ damage is something you will normally see from a trico S2 IF YOU DONT HAVE ANY DAMAGE REDUCE JEWEL ATTACHED IN YOUR AVATAR.. Also note that the trico attacked the turtle so there is no 'mob type damage bonus'. More follow up games were done,which I noticed that I am receiving full unmitigated damage on the first turn of the battle despite the amount of damage reduce jewels I had.

Another thing I noticed is that, subsequent attacks don't do as much damage as the first turn..

I am sorry I probably realized this late but PASSIVE JEWEL BOOSTS DOES NOT WORK IN THE FIRST TURN OF THE GAME, NOT JUST AVATAR SKILLS AND GAUGE BONUS WHEN ATTACKING.. This is also a blunder on the part of the developers especially when they are selling an avatar set that highlights a specialized jewel slot. Only to realize that the avatar is completely USELESS ON A CRUCIAL PART OF THE GAME, which is the first turn.

So lesson of the day is, don't buy the jewel seeker pack until one of these suggestions is done..

1. Passive jewel boost should work anytime in the battle{except the `damage boost when wind is above 7' yellow jewel, in the first turn} including the first turn..

2. If suggestion #1 is too unbalanced for devs, then at least fix this feature exclusively on gem seeker avatar set.

3. Anything better than the first 2 suggestions..

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How long GBM updated tami ? Boring waiting !

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View Clan Members

Would be nice to be able to see the clan members of other clans in the Clan list. Maybe a sorting or filter also.

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Game has potential to be big again

Hi guys, we are in times when fashion is to play battle royales games like PUBG and Freefire... Well, but Gunbound is awesome since your release in 2002 to bring back the old players is just show their that now exists the mobile version and for new players its just show the game for your friends and convince they to play, with this the game can come to be popular again and more competitive.

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Chat on Discord App, 350+ gunbound members and growing

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