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  I wonder why this game has been cancelled, i think its much better form the previous gunboundm.   We have freedom to choose what avatar we are using in this game just like in the original GB. We can choose and style are character whatever you want to   Gunboundm is far form the original, and i think the only reason ppl i stick to it it's because there is no available gunbound on mobile platform so far, And of course the investment in game just like me who reach dragon 2 and have sa 11 class s tank and 2 class S avatar and yunin, What i dont like about gunboundm is the avatar system i mean if you choose non meta avatar you'll probably have a lower chance of winning, and when using meta avatsr just like rabbit, jewel S, koroni S you will have a higher chance of winning, the old gunbound vibes has gone in this game syst ? you know who wants to play there character using 3 stupid rabbit or 3 fucking yunin, thats looks good only in female players. With that one hard to get crazy koroni S. And here more the shopping system is about random and gamble, if you want to get red class s dragon you need to gamble, and if you want a safe mobile well you will choose gold in fucking 5k gears that consists of 4 months of grinding in consistency on legend 2 rank and of course the last resort spend crazy amount of money on game, But what if some player dont want the design on gold pack when you look closely its just a classA tank with slap gold effect on it.   ​​​​​Aside<span> from that, the gunboundm developers wasn't listed to us players they keep doing some lazy update about the game we never got a huge update just like graphics option low to high HD i admire some of the additional previous update just like new tank skin new avatar and tank but this game is running since 2017 and still we got no major big update.</span>  

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  • SckmyDck LV.1 Mootie Apr 10, 2022, 11:35 PM

    I heard there a problem license and some tm issue that's why they cancel it. and i also agree with you gbm are far form the original and its lack of freedom