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Dec 2, 2019, 11:42 PM 326 read

Unfair game experience

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Dear developers, do you really think that nak's weap 2 and ss needed a nerf? i mean, there are a lot of disvantages on this game already, i mean, just take a look at mobiles like Malite, Arrow, Rocken, IceStorm, Eraser and many more, do you really think nak is the one who needed a dmg nerf? Its SS weap can barely do 320 dmg with a great/perfect situattion including clouds and totems, meanwhile all those mobiles i just mentioned up there deal like at least 400 dmg without any cloud or totem, come on, those mobiles can eat a whole mobile with full HP with only 1 ss attack, stop pushing this community to start playing with the same kind of mobiles though, some people still believing that this is a skill based game, don't force them to throw that into a trashcan and make them start playing with broken mobiles, i just needed to say this, look what are you trying to do to this game, it's becoming a repetitive game with almost the same mobiles on every player instead of a skill based game-   Also take a look to that climbing sittuation, trico can't even move between 2 really tiny potholes, come on, there are some stages that trico really needs to move to get some angle,take a look at that please

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  • gamer786995010 LV.16 Sage Dec 4, 2019, 03:09 AM

    I agree 100%

    I've played 52 games in a row against slam.

    Why play any other mobile than slam malite?

    People say `his win rate is only 50%`

    Yes. If EVERYONE plays the same mobile... the win rate will only be 50%.

    Just play goss. Malite slam. And@you don't have to worry about skill.