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this stupid moron is a shame to his country, what a wuss

this player just stand there doing nothing, 3 turns. then suddenly the AI take over when the characters dead. please gunbound m be more strict to player like this. some of us love this game, win or lose doesn't matter as long its a good match

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New video is up!

thank you everyone for love and support!

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Whatsapp GBM Grupo/Group

Grupo de Whatsapp unete :)
Whatsapp group, join us :)
Gente para conversar, jugar compartir tips, reglas minimas.
(En el otro grupo de un tal Bruno, no tienen reglas, hacen spam, no hay gente madura, etc)
Free talk, play and share tips with us, minimun rules.

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Win Streak like a Pro

Let me know if you need pro winning streak tips

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New GunboundM video is up!

thank you to all of you who keeps supporting me! Gracias amigos!

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Thor suggestions

Hello mods, I've been playing Aduka recently and had some Thor suggestions.
Thor animations are cheap. Thor immediately jumps from level to level. Could there be some transition or movement of Thor when it levels up, instead of an immediate image change? Just a suggestion.
Is there a way to indicate Thor's level when it is hidden by a combination of both clouds and hurricane? Thor can be completely covered and distinguishing between level 2 and 3 is challenging. Perhaps Thor takes foreground versus hurricane but not clouds?

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mal equilibrio

ojalá solucionen el versus dos vs dos puros mancos demás me tocan como party aparte se matan solo que asco

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Buenos dias, me parece totalmente injusto jugar con niveles demasiado superiores al mio. Asi no se puede jugar, si pudieran corregir este fallo, para por lo menos jugar con otros jugadores pero del mismo nivel o si es posible de la misma liga. Gracias

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Moderator need to take action - two players cheat as they lose

As you can see - these two aduka duo one are disadvantages. After one of the member withSS get stuck between the rock as shown - they disconnected and forcing me to receive a system error message as shown in the second picture.

This happened multiple times and i am sure many of us has experienced the same. Losing and using cheat to force the winning team to dc is disgrace and a huge threat to gunboundm community if they are allowed to do so - it is unfair and intoxicating the community.

Please ban them and work on punishment on cheats and hacking programs. It is not an independent case but a huge step back of the game.

I urge you to BAN them.

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Other Evidence on verbal abuse - LoVetokillz

As an extension from my last post - please ban this person as to promote integrity and peaceful environment of gunboundm.


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Moderator please read - player who made personal and political abuse

Dear Moderator

Sorry for posting this public but I cant find a way to send personal message.

This player is spreading hatred message and making fun with the recent extradition amendment in Hong Kong - which cost people's life and humanity right.

I believe Gunbound community promote work on providing a@peaceful environment for players and will not tolerate players who intentionally breaking this. Please ban this person as gunboundm is not supposed to be a place to spread hared and encouragement of personal abuse. I support this game and i believe you will make a right decision.


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Can we have more item emotes?

I'd like to see emotes for item 1 and item 2 and item 3. It's difficult to communicate item use to teammates without knowing which slot/position is being referenced.

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เผื่อใจเอาไว้ก่อน ยังไม่สาย🍂

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Is gunboundM good game?

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Very Nice

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team 2 vs 2

me rindo adiós al juego de que sirve jugar si cuando te emparejan con puros idiotas que ni jugar saber y hasta se matan solo , a si cuando diablos subire de nivel , ojalá mejorará el emparejamiento en equipo es asco

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Game Cancellers are Ruining this Game.

Tonight me and my partner matched about 12 to 15 people in a row who just canceled the game. They swipe out of the app and go unpunished. Both my partner and I are gold dragons. We never cancel games. It often takes us 15 minutes to find a single match. It got so bad tonight that my partner got frustrated and quit. This issue has been going on for over a year now and a half. The leaderboards are a joke, half of the players are game cancellers.

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Which is the best tank?

I should try to pick it up
which one?

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ojalá el emparejamiento de 2 vs 2 sean los dos del mismo nivel eso es lo único que falta al juegl equilibrio

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Raygun appreciation thread

I'd like to thanks Dargom for this amazing mobile. Imo this is the best mobile they made so far, design looks good, good sound effects, good shots concept.
Amazing job, well done.

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New Mobile Looks Awesome

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Clan Battles with Zone Conquest

Its too much to ask. In other games its fun addition.
In this one, a Clan can conquer a Zone for fame and minor bonuses(i.e. CP gain for top100).

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Matchmaking Suggestion

Please increase the time before matching with AI for higher leagues. There are less players in higher leagues so it naturally takes more time.

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I want to enter this page with my facebook account they reject i dont know why someone help me .. Please

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porfavor hagan algo con el sistema de parejas que sean del mismo nivel y misma temporada

porfavor que el juego haga algo con el sistema de juego doble con las parejas sean del mismo nivel y mismo rango ,porque siempre me tocan de masito de madera para abajo me hacen bajar mis gps porfa arreglen el sistema pareja

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Grinding hard level for mere 400-600gold is so boring. Can we get a reset of the event battles monthly or some new maps with higher gold especially when dungeon does not give gold or mobile exp.

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por qué

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