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Feb 22, 2019, 11:43 AM 405 read

FAQ: How to safely secure your account

Game Guide: FAQ

!!!) Connect your account to Google or the Game Center.   Beginning of the problem -> According to Google and Apple's policy, the developer should be able to proceed without any account connection. However, due to privacy issues, our server can only provide proof that you are the owner of this account on your phone.   So if you remove the app from the phone without connecting to the account, this proof will also be erased. This account can not be recovered logically.   Please connect your account to Google or Game Center. (First connect your account to Google or the Game Center and connect with Facebook.)   Game lobby -> GameSetting -> Account   !!) If it says "Account already linked to another account", there is a game that already plays with that account. At this time, if you force a connection, the current game data will be deleted. (It can not be recovered either.)

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