Game Guide: FAQ

FAQ: I can't get more promoted in the hero league.

To go above hero league
You must be within a certain percentage of users who have gained over 25000 GP.
In the game "Ranking" -> "View all the season rewards"
Check the conditions of each league.

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FAQ: My tank is in the corner of the game screen, so I can't fire it.

If it is difficult to pull the power drag down, you can also control it by pulling it forward.

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FAQ: How to reset(delete) my account

Players can delete their own account.
The email address associated with this game account will also be deleted.
Game Settings -> Extra -> Delete Account

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FAQ: If you can not connect to the game server

Please send us the information below. It helps us to investigate.
1) Please install the following apps from the App Store.
This app is a program to find out where your network is disconnected.
GooglePlay: Traceroute
Apple AppStore: Tracerouter
2) Run the app and put the following address in the address.
3) Please mail us the result screen from the app.
Please wait 30 seconds.
If you have multiple pages, please send us all the pages.
4) Please mail us the following information.
*your country and city, network provider

FAQ: If you can not connect to the game server
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FAQ: How to make a friend

How to register a friend on your friend list in GunboundM.
Enter the Unique-ID of the friend you want to invite to search.
Social -> Add friends -> Search Friends -> Enter the Unique-ID
(Unique-ID can be found by pressing your game portrait in the game. Eight numbers: 0000-0000)

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FAQ: How the league is determined in the new season

Basically, when the new season starts, the league falls two steps.
(But legendary leagues are moved to Hero 3)
*We are currently testing a number of different methods of league adjustment.

FAQ: How the league is determined in the new season
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FAQ: How to change my portrait image in the game

You can use Facebook's self-image or game avatar's face.
1) Using Facebook Images
Connect Facebook and click on in .
2) Use your avatar face
Press the avatar card or mobile avatar information tab.
*Reasons not to use any images: To prevent other users from using disgusting images.

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FAQ: How to use the same account on iOS, Android

How to use the same account on iOS, Android
If you have an account on A device and want to use B device together
(The account on A device is the account you want to use)
1) Please link the account that will be used on A device to Google or Game Center.
2) Also connect Facebook on A device.
3) Log in to Facebook or connect Facebook on your B device.
!!) If you only sign in to Facebook, or connect only Facebook to an account that does not have a Google or Game Center connection
The game server will create a new account to use for Facebook.
(It does not matter if you do not have an existing account. You can add Google or Game Center afterwards.)

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FAQ: How to safely secure your account

!!!) Connect your account to Google or the Game Center.
Beginning of the problem -> According to Google and Apple's policy, the developer should be able to proceed without any account connection. However, due to privacy issues, our server can only provide proof that you are the owner of this account on your phone.
So if you remove the app from the phone without connecting to the account, this proof will also be erased. This account can not be recovered logically.
Please connect your account to Google or Game Center.
(First connect your account to Google or the Game Center and connect with Facebook.)
Game lobby -> GameSetting -> Account
!!) If it says "Account already linked to another account", there is a game that already plays with that account. At this time, if you force a connection, the current game data will be deleted. (It can not be recovered either.)

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FAQ: Season Reward(and Jewel)

Q: My league is up, but there is no reward.
Season rewards will be awarded to the league in which you are on the last day of the season.
Q: I have not received the jewel of the season reward.
The Jewels of the season reward is usually sent by game mail after 1~2 days.
We check the game records of the top players once more.

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FAQ: Network Problems

Q: When the game is launched, the game is not initially connected or is not updated.
(This is not a problem of disconnecting during the game.)
The network you are using does not understand our domain address.
We want to use IP address, but we need to use domain address by Apple policy.
Some networks do not have some domain information around the world.
It is very difficult for us to solve.
1. If our game gets longer and more popular, it will resolve itself. (sorry)
2. You should forward the following information to your network manager (It may not be easy.)
3. Put the following information in your WiFi device. So it will be solved in WiFi equipment.

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