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Jun 8, 2021, 11:01 PM 467 read

What’s exactly happening in GunBoundM!?

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- What exactly happening in GB are bad, TO BE HONEST, The game is fun and very nice, and thanx to the team because they made GunBound playable again, after all these years of missing our lovely game.However!! there are things that would make you hate the game! And maybe uninstall it .. and lets start with .. 1-Matchmaking; wait, did I just said matchmaking? I can say that there is no such thing in GunBoundM (specially 2vs2)I mean how possible that I am golden dragon2 and still playing with Violet Sceptre or even sometimes Gold Duel Axe and against high ranked people with S Mobiles and S Avatars! Even if I have higher league such as Hero, still I’m playing with Gold league players or Diamond3? And even if he is Hero, his percentage of winning 30% or maybe less, I mean these guys trolling and we’re taking the game serious for most of the time! So .. please, fix your Matchmaking of the game. 2-Balancing updates: Hmm, totally wrong, I mean I wonder sometimes, if the developers are playing this game and know exactly what is happening with the players! Let’s begin with AVATARS: Of course any one of you can check the “Season top 100” these are .. let’s say the pros or the best of the best, just go check these players randomly and you will see that most of them maybe (95%) using the same avatars, only 6 avatars, can you imagine that? Now the shop has 13 packs and 5 sets, every pack includes approximately 3 avatars with different level, let’s multiplayer 3 times 13 you will have 39 avatars plus the 14 avatars (sets) with total of 53! And most of the players only using 6 of them!!? And why? Because they are Over Power(OP) avatars and these are (Koroni, Nasty Cat, MongkoAir, PoorRabbit, Yunin and JewelHelmet) Anyway, I believe you need to work hard on these things so the game could be more balanced. 3-Mobiles: Let’s start with Phoenix, well .. it’s better than before but still, OP Mobile, what I suggest first is to 1-reduce Climbing from 90 To 80, as its a powerful mobile no need also to have this much of climbing. 2-Removing the ability of the phoenix when it get lower than 40% of its total HP, shot2 become stronger .. I mean, why only phoenix? Is it not enough that the SS does have very powerful shot and bungee? And whenever there is any cloud it will be more stonger!! Rocken: The most powerful SS in the game and the easiest one. Please .. 1-Reduce the 2shot (number of missiles) 2-Reduce Health at least 30 3-increase 1shot damage Trico: also one of the OP mobiles in the game, I agree it’s not that easy to play with but still .. 1-Reduce the damage of 2shot 2-increase the accuracy of SS shot. Last, please fix the system of the game, as it’s difficult to write messages to other etc,… Please add the old soundtrack in the shop menu. AyamAwal,

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  • DevJLuis LV.4 Lurker Jun 9, 2021, 07:57 AM

    Some more req: please let us to send global message or it show the time when somebody wrote a message, or let us to send message when the other user is offline. Finally, please let us choose the game type or map.

    Open the suggestion box!