gamer786995010 LV.16 Sage
Jul 21, 2020, 01:06 PM 582 read

I continue to try your newest mobiles... I still cannot find any reason to play them. They cannot compete with already existing mobiles.

Strategies & Tips

Advantages -photon has very high accuracy and can sky shot easily -ss has good damage -desto has option to shoot easily out of holes Disadvantages Octor - low damage[defense avatars. Healing avatars are extremely powerful against octor] -low firing point.. cannot shoot out of holes easily. - accuracy debuff does almost nothing. Is useless in low wind. Vs autotrack mobiles. Raon. Dark raon. Bad against low angle mobiles. Trico. Slam. Ice storm. Bad against multi hit mobiles. Lightning. Grub.turtle. Doesn't seem to do much. Opponents out damage octor even they do miss a shot or two -shot 2 has no synergy with shot 1. Low damage. No ground damage. No splash damage. Even a small miss drastically lowers the damage. Compare to lightning that outdamages octor with similar shot 2 even with a miss -no land destruction shot 2. So.. not really any reason to use it. Has less synergy... limits strategy. Hard to hit mobiles on hills. No land destruction insures the enemy can hide from this attack and take little damage very easily.

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