gamer786995010 LV.16 Sage
Jan 5, 2020, 03:36 AM 326 read

Need to consider nerfs. Malite and arrow

Strategies & Tips

Way too easy to aim.. way too easy to get ss Ss way too powerful. Arrow shot 1 zeros easily 400 damage. Land on opponent use a beak item. Shot1 yourself and the opponent. You only have to have hit one other time and you kill the opponent and you're at full health. next to opponent. Get sky shot. Risky shot. Get ss in one turn. Ss can easily kill any mobile in one shot. Very easy to aim. And now double damage cloud buff[one for laser going for shot coming down] These two mobiles don't even have to worry about being behind because they can instantly remove any mobile in the game with one shot..with very little skill to aim. Imagine if nak did 400 damage got risky shot super sky shot. Just from landing next to opponent. Mobiles like this are toxic. And remove strategy from the game. Now the game is just...not care about your first two mobiles because your last mobile will@single handedly win you the game with arrow and malite. Not to mention they are in almost EVERY SINGLR GAME. Which now@makes the game irritating and not fun.

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