gamer786995010 LV.16 Sage
Dec 27, 2019, 04:11 PM 163 read

Wolf. Phoenix. Beetle king. Subpar

Strategies & Tips

Too much risk. Not enough reward. Beetleking..normally can only land one good shot. Hitting an opponent with shot 2 puts them in a hole so you hit them with beetle king unless you are directly next to them. Not enough damage. Most mobiles will out damage you before you do anything to be scared about. Don't play against storm. Trico. Armor. Phoenix - gets a nice damage boost but wind often changes the turn you need to make kill shot. If you miss the turn you get damage buff from low life.. the. Is a waste. More accuracy to play boomerang. Don't play against goss or trico. They kill you in two turns. Wolf- damage is insagnificant for two turns. Must make absolute perfect hits to get sky shot. Often only get one shot with ss which spreads too much and only does 100 damage max first shot. Cannot live long enough@of make sky shots easily enough to rush ss. Often better to use shot2 full power than to switch to ss that will spread too much and do no damage. Shot1 is VERY Limited. Can't use on maps where enemy starts behind land. Impossible to hit@enemies on a hill. Can't use on maps with tornado spawns. Can't use shot 1 if you think you will have to change to shot 2. Just use shot 2... Don't use against slam. Nak. Goss icestorm. They can out damage you and beat you to ss everytime.

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