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Dec 5, 2021, 03:17 AM 538 read

Insulting players in game

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Under new internet laws of mexico, a game that promotes hate and insults can be banned and legally issued, then blocked from access and servers countrywide, so we will start the legal process to ban this game from google apps and warning tag access servers in the whole territory as long this players can reach underage children with hate and insults this game will be put under law advertisement. This behavior will not be tolerated and we will be contacting the proper lawyers to take this case and others to the lasts consequences.

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  • gamer800172976 LV.2 Lurker Dec 8, 2021, 01:23 PM

    Bye mexico. Dumb law. Cya around sometime with your dumb laws. Your gaming economy will go to complete crap because no company in their right mind will ever release a game to mexico ever again. 👋

  • BIGCHUNGUS LV.1 Mootie Jan 28, 2022, 01:48 AM

    Read the terms and conditions guys:

  • Golira LV.5 Lurker Jan 20, 2022, 08:02 AM

    They should do something about these and other in-game abuses.
    Many times in score battles your partner shoots you, even if you report nothing happens, there is no kind of punishment.