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Aug 27, 2020, 12:51 PM 367 read

Way too many abusive players!!

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I’ve encountered so many abusive players in 2vs2 mode. I main Pheonix then I miss a shot >> they immediately shoot me, there was one time I met a guy who ridiculously shot me because I didnt “Move here” like what he said. Most of them are high ranked - dragons, sometimes sceptres. Wtf is that? If you dont like your teammates then quit, dont act like an asshole. It’s just a game like any other games - you play for entertaining. everytime I meet these retards I honestly just want to stop playing GB despite how much I love the game. But what is your role here as a developer - did you do anything? I’ve reported countless abusive cases but still, the more I play and rank up, the more rude players I encounter. I guess the report button doesnt help at all. Updated: just matched with another asshole - look at his avatar pic and his attitude in the game is so shit. Barely hit the opponents but keep bullying me throughout the game.

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  • mygame LV.5 Steve Dec 3, 2020, 01:32 AM

    Some people play for fun, some other for entertain, some for sport, pro, etc..
    Maybe you met the high rank player with 70%++ win rate of higher who's mess up with a miss shot.

    Maybe you should try to play 2vs2 with your friend (not with random people) or.. just play pro battle, "maybe".

    Hopefully it can help you to understand the situation, terms and condition of team up randomly. By the way, may I know your league ?