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UPDATE 2019-03-25

■ Battle Dungeon game mode is reopened.

Dungeon Mode Features 1. Dungeon reset: The player can reset the dungeon at any time. Dungeon Exp and level are maintained. 2. HP of the mobiles is maintained. (HP will be restored with battle items or dungeon clear reward.) 3. Random Tank Effect: Each time a dungeon is reset, certain mobiles or types receive additional effects. 4. Dungeon Exp: When the dungeon is cleared, the player gains it. 5. Dungeon Level: Dungeon is determined by Exp. 6. Dungeon Skills: Depending on the level, you gain various skills from the skill tree. (Including combat items) 7. Dungeon Pets: The pets that the player can only acquire in dungeon mode (including the S rank) 8. Dungeon Jewels: Jewel that players can only acquire in dungeon mode. (There are a few more elements, which are still under development.)   ■ Store You can choose items you do not want in special items.   ■ Other contents From this season your league is recorded in your information.  

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