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Dec 6, 2022, 07:02 PM 210 read

UPDATE 2022-12-08

GunboundM: Notice - UPDATE 2022-12-08 image 1

■ MAP About 60% of the map's terrain, clouds, and totem positions have been readjusted. - Tanks firing high rather than low angle are adjusted to be beneficial in combat. - Clouds are moved to a location that is more suitable for the terrain. 5 new battle maps are added. ​

GunboundM: Notice - UPDATE 2022-12-08 image 3

■ Ad TV Increased the number of uses per day at the Card Factory (6 times -> 8 times) Avatar Cards, Tank Cards, and Jewels are produced in the Card Factory.   ■ Dungeon New zones are added. - Combat is provided in new terrain with new Golem monsters.   ■ Bug fixes Fixed several reported bugs  

Comment 1

  • Golira LV.5 Lurker Dec 8, 2022, 01:16 AM

    Can't wait to see that new map