Tami_GM LV.18 GameManager
May 18, 2021, 03:10 PM 1,353 read

UPDATE 2021-05-18


■ Tank Photon: Changed the flight distance of weapon #1   ■ Clan Players must spend at least 300 gems for themselves to make a clan donation. (Rules to prevent donations by fake accounts)   ■ Bug fixes A bug that appears as a different tank when Dragon or Knights are selected in Royal Survival.

Comment 3

  • gamer786995010 LV.16 Sage May 19, 2021, 11:17 AM

    Photon is TRASH. And don't seem to understand why.

    All.scenarios which photon is USELESS.

    Maps with obstacles
    Maps with tornados
    Long distance maps
    CAnt shoot if an enemy or@totem is touching you
    Reacts poorly to wind. Especially upwind.
    No back shot.
    Weak to ground damage
    CAnt shoot out holes
    EASILY COMPLETELY useless if the enemy lands near you
    Low health
    Low@damage and too much spread on ss
    Weak the already strongest mobiles in the game
    Ss is unesable if the opponent lands near you with third mobile.
    Unable to hit enemies when you are on an incline
    Trajectory of attack hits obstacle in every map that has one.
    Unpredictability of wind on attacks due to the fact that to hit anyone requires full power shots on every map
    Trajectory of attack almost always goes through debuff cloud

  • gamer151781177 LV.2 Lurker May 19, 2021, 01:32 PM

    fu.ck and fuc.k the game....change the power of minor fenix,turttle,adum. is very high. please tami work in this game so justice. ok

  • DOREMI LV.3 Lurker May 21, 2021, 12:53 PM

    Hi tami, please fix Octor ink buff doesn't effect with AI...