UPDATE 2019-07-18

■ Tank
Darkraon 2nd: When a mine lands on ground, it gives weak damage to nearby enemies.
Darkraon SS: The range of effect is displayed.
■ Store
New avatar appeared! Animal Toy Set

LV.7 GameManager 3d

UPDATE 2019-07-11

■ Tank
Raygun - Reduces the height of the SS-weapon's transformation needs, increases the SS-weapon's damage by 20%
Turtle - Damage of the second weapon increased by 5%
■ Map
Adjust tank start position for some maps
Adjust the block position of some maps a bit
■ Bug fixes
Fixed a bug where clan and friend messages are sometimes invisible
Correction of error in achievement phrase

LV.7 GameManager 12d

GunboundM Battle Analysis 2019-07-09

LV.7 GameManager 12d

UPDATE 2019-07-08

■ Bug fixes
Fixed a bug in the ability of the server to find play to cancel during game matching
All penalties for players in the last three days have been canceled.
Fixed a bug where the game was terminated under certain conditions, causing the GP to decrease.
Regarding this bug, a reward game mail is being sent to all players for two days.

LV.7 GameManager 14d

Google Play has completed the update process.

Google Play has completed the update process.
Plz get updates from Google Play.
(Depending on the area, there may be an hour difference.)

LV.7 GameManager 18d

Google Play is delaying our app's update.

We apologize for the inconvenience.
Google Play is delaying our app's update.
Usually Google Play does not give any information to developers.
We do not know the exact time and can not guide you.
* In APPLE iOS, you can play after updating normally.

LV.7 GameManager 18d

UPDATE 2019-07-03

■ Event Update
1. GP 50% bonus for 6 days from the 15th to 20th of each month
2. New Season Achievements: Collect Achievement Hearts!
■ Bug fixed
- The tank order of the player who uses the after-turn is always maintained.
*Update is delayed on Google Play.

LV.7 GameManager 20d

UPDATE 2019-06-27

Working time
2019-06-27 17: 00 ~ 18: 00 (UTC + 9)
■ Server Maintenance
Server Check, Game log Check
■ Shop
Gear Dragon Pack3 : Rocken, Raygun, Beetle King
* New season achievements will begin in July.

LV.7 GameManager 24d

UPDATE 2019-06-17

■ Battle
-AI Player bug fix
■ Events
- Winning Bonus GP: Every month 15~20
If the player wins a multiplayer game
Basic GP Bonus + 50%, Period Special Item Reward
(GP bonus only in June)
■ Other contents
- Fixed bug in notification window
- Fixed other bugs

LV.7 GameManager 1mo

GunboundM Battle Analysis 2019-06-12

LV.7 GameManager 1mo

UPDATE 2019-05-15

■ Battle
Change the order of turns in Pro battle mode to one turn per tank
(We start testing according to the player's request.)
■ Map
Add a new map theme for multiplayer and 5 new maps
Add maps to Battle Training Room
■ UI
Improvements in viewing your records
- New tanks are being developed. I'll let you know when the update is determined.

LV.7 GameManager 2mo

GunboundM Battle Analysis 2019-05-01

LV.7 GameManager 3mo

UPDATE 2019-04-25

■ Map
4 new battle maps for Royal Survival
5 new battle maps for Battle Training Room
■ Store
Cloud Empire Avatar Card Pack
■ Other
Some UI bug fixes

LV.7 GameManager 3mo

GunboundM Dungeon Analysis 2019-04-09

This is the player's victory and defeat data in dungeon mode.
The dungeon will change based on this data every month.

LV.7 GameManager 3mo

UPDATE 2019-04-05

■ Other contents
View last season's record in self info window
(Applies from 2019-03 season)
■ Bug fixes
Fixed a bug that the game did not finish properly
Fix dungeon alerts bug
*Updates are delayed on Google Play.
Android users should wait a little longer.
We apologize for the inconvenience.

LV.7 GameManager 4mo

GunboundM Battle Analysis 2019-03-15

AI players are used in 2 vs 2, so the average of players is over 50%.
Players of the Bronze League and above

LV.7 GameManager 4mo

UPDATE 2019-03-25

■ Battle
Dungeon game mode is reopened.
Dungeon Mode Features
1. Dungeon reset: The player can reset the dungeon at any time. Dungeon Exp and level are maintained.
2. HP of the mobiles is maintained. (HP will be restored with battle items or dungeon clear reward.)
3. Random Tank Effect: Each time a dungeon is reset, certain mobiles or types receive additional effects.
4. Dungeon Exp: When the dungeon is cleared, the player gains it.
5. Dungeon Level: Dungeon is determined by Exp.
6. Dungeon Skills: Depending on the level, you gain various skills from the skill tree. (Including combat items)
7. Dungeon Pets: The pets that the player can only acquire in dungeon mode (including the S rank)
8. Dungeon Jewels: Jewel that players can only acquire in dungeon mode.
(There are a few more elements, which are still under development.)
■ Store
You can choose items you do not want in special items.
■ Other contents
From this season your league is recorded in your information.

LV.7 GameManager 4mo

UPDATE 2019-03-11

■ Battle
World Boss: Player's records of our clan
World Boss: Edit some of the World Boss games
World Boss: HP 3500K -> 4000K
■ Combat Training Room
Full Reset - All games are reopened
■ Store
JewelSeekers Avatar Card Pack
■ Map
Added two new combat maps
■ Other contents
Add team chat content
■ Bug fixes
Edit achievement display

LV.7 GameManager 5mo

Troubleshooting on Android 9 and above

The Android version of the app had two problems.
1. Problems with community features killing apps
2. Problems game-updating when using the app auto backup feature(in phone option)
If you have any of these issues, please get the latest version from Google Play.

LV.7 GameManager 5mo

UPDATE 2019-02-19

■ Battle
World Boss Clan Ranking, Add Clan Reward
■ Tank
Ice 1 and 2 Weapon: Damage increased by 5%
DarkRaon S Weapon: 15% additional pull range
■ Map
Change the location of totems in some maps
Added two new combat maps
■ Bug fixes
Fix achievement display bug

LV.7 GameManager 5mo