When It's a three vs one and your team is stacked as duck

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There's no (discussion) post on Sunday.

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Funny Apex Legends gameplay🤣‼️ WATCH THE FULL VIDEO LINK BELOW (WARNING: Vulgar Language)


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All gamers can relate

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When you find a gun but an octane steals it and trys to kill you with it

LV.5 Insomniac 8h

This is not right

The face they make when they hear bloodhounds ultimate go off

LV.5 Insomniac 8h

When you somehow missed everyone shot with a wingman 😂

LV.10 Clearly Hacking 8h


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Good Team Combinations

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Public service announcement!! Not really, but just listen

If you make a meme (not steal one and claim it as your own), and post it here, be sure to leave a faint watermark, and don't mark others works, that's just messed up.

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Me sadly 😑 lol

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Ain't that some sh...

LV.3 Elite Four 20h

When your teammate takes your loot before respawning you

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When you hungry in the middle of the night so you try cooking

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Fortnite stay copying

LV.10 Wraith Main 1d

So cool


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Collect your own team of monsters and battle others!
Dowload Monster Legends through this link to add me as a friend and help me progress!

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No discussion today.

No discussion post today or tomorrow, I'll be back on Monday.

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Fortnite is quite salty.

Just scrolled through the fortnite tab, cause I wanted to do a test, I saw a bunch of posts (no shit) and near no hate against the game, then I check this tab, Apex, and there's so many people from the fortnite tab calling apex trash.. I don't know what they're trying to prove, they have no motives, nor do they have any reason for getting back at us for posting the same over their (cause there was none) they're just triggered people enjoy a game other than fortnite... quite sad imo

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What even is life anymore am I right


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Rreeeeeee Vic Thor rreeeeee

When you drop on to a perfect lodout with good teammates

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EA be like when making apex legends

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*Like and you will get cookie*

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The game is awesome

Love mozzie and gridlock

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Where the fuck is my team

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I hate this game like if agree

Plz I’m new

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