Firelight LV.12 Chief
Nov 13, 2020, 12:42 PM 158 read

Looking for Club Members


Hi everyone! I am looking to grow my club. We already have 15+ people so far. We recently expanded our club community from Rocket League and made one on Apex when it came out. So anyways, about my club... We, the Eternal Bloodline, are a chill group of players who like to hang out and have fun while winning for the club as a whole. We always do our best to keep the club fun and not boring. We especially keep it a safe place from toxic people. Any toxic people will always be removed to help keep everyone having a wonderful time and have a club that feels like a good place to have the right friends and not the wrong ones. Haha. If this is a club you think is right for you then let me know! Keep in mind, to join our club Discord is required (mic is preferred but not required), no age or rank requirements, and there is no Platform Requirement. We accept all Platform users. We do prefer NA users only please. To help minimize the lag between people and since the game wont let you see our club if you're not NA

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