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2/2 Players Needed
Xbox MIC North America

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Hey everyone.
Quick overview: My name is Christian, I am a member Killswitch Gamers and am building my brand to be an eSports org. Currently we are a team of 5 including myself and we are looking to add 1 more person in our rotations to do GameBattles tournaments with us. Rules are simple. Train with us, play with us, win the cash prizes, and make a name for yourself.
Message me if you think you have what it takes to go pro with my team. If you are a casual player, or not great at Multiplayer/Battle Royale games, please do not apply. You will be placed under an evaluation with my team before saying yes or no.
Here is what we are looking for:
Must be from the United States and speak English.
Not necessary but would help if you are Central Time Zone. If you aren't, still apply.
Platform: Xbox One - 1 player NEEDED / PS4 team - coming soon
What: Online tournaments from GameBattles - Cash prizes will be split between the team.
When: 1-2 Saturdays/sundays per month or more depending on the team and availability.
Games: We are looking for an Apex Legends player for Xbox as of right now. We will be opening our roster up soon for the new Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare
Please include a stream or a few videos that my team and I can watch to see if you fit our needs.
Benefits for you: upon agreeing to our terms and conditions you will get:
1.) Your portion of cash (assuming you are on the roster, played, and won the tournament.
2.) Free High Quality (up to 4K video edits) 1 video per month. I pay for a video editor and you will benefit from that as well.
3.) I am working on sponsorships, affiliations, and a few other things at the moment so this is a TBD (To Be Determined). Once final, you will benefit from these as well.
Message me if you have any questions or if interested.
Not all of my team is on Facebook Gaming yet. We are working to get them transitioned from other platforms to here.
Killswitch Gamers
twitch.tv/Hero4nord / Hero4nord
mixer.com/Sniper_Axel / Sniper Axel