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APEX Quick Guide - 02. Basic movement

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Apex Legends is all about mobility and movement. There's much to appreciate in terms of fluidity and freedom of movement but there's also a lot of subtle movements you need to become familiar with over time.   BASIC MOVEMENT WASD: to move and strafe around LCTRL(hold): to crouch - 'C' toggle crouch/uncrouch -useful when hiding behind walls or rocks -you can walk while crouching to minimize the sound of footsteps to stay undetected SPACE: to jump -there's no low or high jumping or double jumping in APEX LEGENDS. Either Tapping or holding down SPACE BAR will both result in the same jump height. -while you in the air, jumping or falling, you can change the direction or speed of your movement. LSHIFT: to run -no need to hold down the key, just hit it once and you character will continue to run until you stop. -however you need to remember running/sprinting is lot louder than walking. you need to know when to be stealthy or quick.

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  SLIDING IN APEX LEGENDS Sliding is vital movement skill you need to become familiar with quickly. When you slide, you can move faster than sprinting for awhile and your character occupies less space thus making it more difficult to hit. King's Canyon is a perfect location to train your sliding as this area is filled with varying degrees of inclines and cliffs.   To slide, simply CROUCH while SPRINTING. You can also strafe slide by holding A or D key while sliding.   When sliding down a large hill, you reach the maximum speed very quickly within first second or two and you will not continue to accelerate no matter how long the slide down is.   You can even slide up a very short distance when you start sliding along flat surfaces. Go to the training area and experiment and train with different sequences and combinations of slides, jumps and sprints. You will get a good handle on how to utilize different movements in what order to get from A to B quickly.   TIP: You can run and slide backwards just as quickly as doing it forward. Most useful when engaged with an enemy and you wanna reposition while keeping your eyes on them and still respond to incoming threats.

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CLIMBING IN APEX LEGENDS They don't teach you how to climb in Tutorial but climbing is just as important and vital as sliding. the entire game map was designed and built with this ability in mind.   Just walk or run up to a wall and jump. Your character will start climbing automatically while you are holding down W until you reach the top or the climb limit. One great thing about climbing in APEX LEGENDS is that you can climb incredibly high walls very quickly as if you were running up the wall vertically.   Again, you can train climbing in King's Canyon where you will see numerous surface and walls everywhere.   HOLSTER YOUR WEAPON TO MOVE FASTER Unless you are in immediate danger, always hit 3 to holster your weapon to sprint faster. To take our your weapons, hit 3 again or hit the specific weapon slot key (1 or 2) or your cycle weapon key (MOUSE WHEEL)   When you sprint with your gun holstered, you gather more momentum which translates to better sliding or jumping. Holster your weapon and improve your mobility.

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SLIDE JUMP TECHNIQUE It's time for us to combine what we've learned so far. The slide jump technique is the fastest way to move around in Apex Legends   1. First you gotta remember to HOLSTER your weapon 2. While sprinting, begin sliding (crouch key) 3. Watch the momentum as you slide, just as it's about to decrease, JUMP forward. 4. Hit the ground running and sprint until you regain your momentum (1 or 2 seconds) 5. Repeat!   This is the fastest way to travel in Apex Legends as long as the ground is flat. If you are sliding down a hill, slide all the way down to the bottom.   Practice and become familiar with the precise point where you should jump or how long you need to sprint before sliding.   #guide            

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