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APEX Legends HIT BOXES Guide

So what are hit boxes? To put it simply, it's the area of damage around a character where you can shoot or hit and successfully deliver damage.   You might wonder if it's simply the area the character model occupies in space and the answer is no. For example, in Fortnite, all characters share a universal hit box regardless of their height and shape.   However, Apex Legends allows a smaller hit box for a smaller character like Pathfinder who's harder to hit in comparison to Gibraltar who carries a larger hit box

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(Source: Reddit)   Legends with smaller hit boxes can successfully hide behind rocks or trees with more ease without being hit.   Here are the exact numbers: (UNIT: square CM) Wraith - 33 Lifeline - 37 Bloodhound - 37 Mirage - 44 Pathfinder - 63 Caustic - 68 Gibraltar - 79

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Next time you choose a legend, you will have some knowledge of these hit boxes in mind.   #apex #hitboxe #guide  

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