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Mar 15, 2019, 07:19 AM 1,745 read

Respawn needs to step it up

I know this is going to be controversial because everyone's been loving Respawn and defending them nonstop but if you take a second and look at it, they really haven't done anything. People are happy that they communicate with the community, but what is really the substance of that communication? Nothing.   Over and over they say "Hey we understand what you guys are saying and we're working on it." Then the community says "OMG Respawn is great they actually listen to us!" But are they REALLY listening to us? Cause so far it feels like a lot of hot air. Every gaming developer says that they understand our concerns and are working on a fix, but none of that matters if they don't actually fix anything.   My friends are still crashing nonstop on PC, which completely ruins the game. There are still hackers everywhere, which completely ruins the game. The legend balance is absurdly bad due to the awful hitbox discrepancies. Their excuse for not addressing the trash that is the Mozambique and P2020 was "we like the memes too much." What an obnoxious response. That has to be the worst excuse I've ever heard for not improving your game.   My point is they keep saying they hear us, but are they really listening? They keep saying they'll fix everything, but have they actually fixed anything?   Don't even get me started on the battle pass. After the leaks and the updated store page, everyone's hopes were through the roof. All Respawn comes back with is "Whoops. It's not coming out today but we'll have info for you 'very soon'." How many times have they used the words "soon" or "very soon" already? They said they would have info for us very soon over 2 weeks ago! And now their info update is just that they'll update us "very soon" again? What a joke.   They act like they're responsive just because they make a statement to the community every week, but there's literally no substance to these statements. It's all just "very soon" or "we hear you and we're looking into it."   I know this has turned into a rant (and a long one at that) but I want to be clear that I'm not asking Respawn to be perfect, I'm not expecting them to have the answers and fixes right away. All I want is for them to ACTUALLY keep us updated like they claim they do. Instead of stringing us along for a month, why not just tell us that the battle pass is coming in late March?   Respawn needs to start giving us actual info and the community needs to stop blinding defending Respawn and start demanding that they do a better job of keeping us informed.

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