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Guide to Guns - 15. Devotion LMG

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The Devotion is a light machine gun that uses energy ammo. It has a unique "spin-up" mechanic. Holding a total of 44 rounds per magazine, the full-automatic energy based Devotion LMG features a number of rather impressive stats across the board. The longer the Devotion is fired continuously, the faster its fire rate will become.     ⚠Stats Base Damage: 17 Headshot Damage: 34 Base Magazine Capacity: 44 Reload Time: 3.63 seconds Ammo Type: Energy Ammo     ⚠Attachments

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Optics 1X HCOG Classic (Common) 2X HCOG Bruiser (Rare) 3X HCOG Ranger (Epic) 1X Holo (Common) 1X-2X Variable Holo (Rare) 2X-4X Variable AOG (Epic)   Others Barrel Stabilizer (Common, Rare, Epic, Legendary) Standard Stock (Common, Rare, Epic) Turbocharger Hop-up (Epic)     In "Devotion Zone", it is easy to delay the other party when it comes to face-to-face shooting, although the power is high but the launch of the bullet is slow. Attaching a Turbocharger makes shooting a bit faster, and you can shoot at a speed comparable to other weapons, so attach a Turbocharger when using it.   Recoil is also a fierce weapon, and if you shoot without movement it will move up from the place you first aimed at. Therefore, if you have difficulty in control, attach a barrel to reduce recoil. Also, if you can not find the barrel, it is recommended that you shoot it while hitting the right stick (mouse) a little backward, so it does not shift up.     ⚠Spray Pattern

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⚠Pros & Cons Pros Very fast firing rate after ramping up High magazine capacity May equip the Turbocharger Hop-Up to skip ramping up   Cons Has RPM acceleration without hop-up Kinda slow reload speed     ⚠Review The devotion is currently at the forefront of many players of all weapons in Apex Legends, due to their amazing rate of fire and DPS. However, you will need the turbocharger hop-up attachment to make it glow, reducing the weapon's warm-up time after launch. Without them, the devotion is not a weapon you can rely on if you defend against attackers at close range, because if you switch and set the firing rate to a decent standard, you're probably already dead. Another disadvantage is that it eats through your energy ammunition, which is often in short supply anyway, unless you are very lucky with looting and killing. So if you take it, make sure you communicate with your teammates to give you as much energy as possible.     #Guide #TBG #GunGuide    

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