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Mar 12, 2019, 07:19 AM 3,894 read

Skill Based Matchmaking Would Ruin Apex Legends

I’ve heard some cries for Skilled Based Matchmaking(SBMM) lately from members of the Apex Legends community and frankly, I’m disappointed. SBMM is the process of bringing players of similar skill together for a match and it does not belong in a BR game. Do these players who wish for SBMM not understand that it is the complete antithesis to the battle royale genre? Do ye of low skill not realize you need to learn from your betters, not hide from them? Does no one understand that SBMM will ruin Apex Legends, not save it?   “An-tith-e-sis(noun)-a person or thing that is the direct opposite of someone or something else.”   For games like Counter Strike or League of Legends, SBMM is necessary to ensure matches are balanced enough. For a battle royale game, though, this completely contradicts the point of playing. SBMM is meant to ensure fair matches, but battle royale matches aren’t meant to be fair. You’re meant to feel overwhelmed by the number of enemies, the size of the map, everything. It’s those staggering odds that make any Chicken Dinner, Victory Royale, or Championship (?) taste so sweet.   The Battle Royale genre can be summed up as “let’s drop 100 players onto an island and may the best player win.” Survival of the fittest over the course of a match is the only skilled-based matchmaking Apex Legends needs; the worst players are killed off until a battle between the strongest players ultimately results in one winner. Or maybe not… maybe the less-skilled players find a way to scrap a victory out. THAT’s the magic of battle royale.   Finally, SBMM hinders development. I’m sure you’re all aware the best way to improve is to compete with those who are better than you. How will you develop your skills at Apex Legends, or any other battle royale game, if you’re thrown into matches with players are miserably terrible as you? How can you learn to build in Fortnite if you’re put into matches where no one can build? How do you learn to hit with a Wingman if you’re put in a match with 59 other monkeys who don’t understand which way to point the barrel? You can’t, and you don’t.   If you can’t tell, this is something I’m passionate about. I understand Respawn may give in and add some sort of Skill Based Matchmaking, but I hope they don’t. Either way, I’ll keep playing and probably keep winning.

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