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Mar 10, 2019, 05:32 AM 334 read


To be honest, even if she's not that good of a character she is the best healer and packages sender in the whole game! LifeLine. Either Mirage or Bangalore. They both have great escape tactics, Mirage summons clones or mirrors of himself in a big circle or just one in one direction. Bangalore throws rockets and the enemy team would normally panic and run far from the rockets giving Bangalore a chance to escape without any eyes on her. But if that doesn't work she always has a smoke launcher just in case. Shoot one smoke grenade at the enemy to blond them and smoke the ground your running towards. After your gone and your team is dead grab the banners when you get a chance to get them and bring your friends back. Lastly Bloodhound. I sadly wouldn't agree with this character but it took some time because he, out of most characters, had the tracking ability which not only you can see but also the rest of your team. Only for a short period of time (2 seconds). And I believe that when you activate the super ability it gives you tracking ability which helps to find enemies near the end of the game. I also believe it gives extra strength, or so my buddies said I'm not 100% sure. That's my team #MyApexTeam #ApexLegends #MyApexSquad #Moot #MootContest

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