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Mar 10, 2019, 04:29 AM 1,315 read

I hope they add cross play to Apex, and here's why.

The fact of the matter is that Apex is killing fortnite. Fortnite was the one of the biggest games in the industry for some time. I was an OG fortnite player, playing very early in the battle royale's release. And as a player, I saw the game grow, and shrink as time went on. One of the huge boosts that the game received was when you could cross play between Xbox and Ps4. You don't understand how much players loved this update. And I feel, as though Apex is already an amazing and well-developed game, one update that could kill fortnite once in for all, is adding cross play. A lot of people still play fortnite becuase they would rather play a game with their friends that they know, instead of making new friends in a new game. Apex adding this feature is one of the smartest developing choice they could make. I could go on and on about adding small features into the game to attract more players, but I think the biggest thing is to add cross play. And also, please never add titans into the game lol. Well if you've read this far, and agree, maybe if you upvote and help spread this post so hopefully Respawn can be aware of what the community thinks the game needs. Thank you, and have a great day, night or anything else.

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