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Mar 8, 2019, 05:17 AM 1,941 read

The Peacekeeper "nerf" does literally nothing

Apex just "nerfed" the Peacekeeper, but not really. All they did was screw over the average player.   The fact of the matter is they didn't nerf the Peacekeeper at all, they just nerfed the effectiveness of the shotgun bolt attachment. The exact numbers are as follows:   Level 1 shotgun bolt 10% -> 7.5% Level 2 shotgun bolt 20% -> 13% Level 3 shotgun bolt 25% -> 16%   Conceptually this was supposed to make it so that you can't shoot quite as quickly because the shotgun bolt is no longer giving you a massive reduction in rechamber time. And at first glance, it seems like a pretty sizable nerf: the level 3 is now substantially worse than the level 2 was previously. But in reality, the "nerf" does nothing at all.   The problem is that the best players don't need a shotgun bolt at all because they use the Double Pump exploit to avoid all the rechambering time, making this nerf literally useless. All this does is make the gun worse for average players while making it much, much better for the top players. This just increases the skill gap and means that anytime you run into a high level player in a Peacekeeper vs Peacekeeper matchup, you're automatically going to lose.   This "nerf" is absolutely pathetic and it makes it clear that Respawn doesn't even know the meta and exploits of their own game. If you don't know what Double Pumping is or how to do it, you can check out my post below that explains it:

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