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Mar 7, 2019, 03:56 PM 1,516 read

Weapons Balance Updated

Wingman Rate of fire reduced from 3.1 -> 2.6 shots per second. Skullpiercer Headshot damage multiplier reduced from 2.5 -> 2.25 Increased base hip fire spread and decreased the rate at which hip fire spread decays (shrinks back down).   Peacekeeper Shotgun Bolt rechamber rate has been reduced for the Peacekeeper only. Level 1 mitigation 10% -> 7.5% Level 2 mitigation 20% -> 13% Level 3 mitigation 25% -> 16% Wingman and Peacekeeper availability has been reduced in all zone tiers. Increased availability of energy weapons & ammo in all zone tiers.   There are no P2020 and Mozambique buff...       #News Source

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