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Guide to Guns - 13. Havoc

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  The Havoc Rifle is an assault rifle weapon that takes energy ammo. Introduced into the game on February 20, 2019. The rifle has a Full-auto and Hitscan fire mode. Because of this, it supports the Turbocharger hop-up, which reduces the spin-up time before the first shot of the rifle, after which it remains at one fixed fire rate until the trigger is released or the clip is emptied. Its second hop-up, Selectfire Receiver, is required to enable the hitscan beam fire mode. The chosen mode of fire has an impact on the Havoc's power.     ⚠Stats Base Damage: 18 Headshot Damage: 36 Base Rate of Fire: 672 RPM Base Magazine Capacity: 25 Reload Time: 3.2 seconds Ammo Type: Energy Ammo   ⚠Attachments

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What is unusual is that you can attach 'Selectfire Receiver' or 'Turbocharger' to the extension attachment of the attachment. If you acquire and attach the shooting mode selector, you can switch mode to one-shot, charge it, and attack the enemy. It is known that it is a 'hit scan' method that increases the damage amount and hits instantly without delay when triggering, so threatening sniper play is possible. Another turbocharger attachment, the Turbocharger, reduces the delay time on the first impulse and changes it to fire like any other gun. There is no change, such as a faster wind speed or increased damage.   ⚠Spray Pattern

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There’s a slight horizontal sway as you fire, but the recoil is primarily vertical. However, notice how a great many shots are compacted into the topmost point. It appears that, much like the Spitfire, the Havoc gets more accurate as you continue to fire, with the first 15 shots being dominated by high recoil, but the final 10 shots hitting pretty much exactly the same point.

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  ⚠Review As such, HAVOC is a distinctive firearm that allows you to take advantage of long range engagements by mounting different attachments, or to exert the most value in close combat. Attachments have the advantage of being able to respond flexibly to long-range, near-field combat situations. Selectfire Receive is preferable to Turbocharger because it can damage enemy immediately without delay.   However, since the AR is born, it can not be equipped with a 6x Sniper scope that can only mount SRs, and it is unfortunate that Energy Ammo is difficult to obtain compared to other Ammo. It is doubtful how good performance of HAVOC with the shooting method selector will be in the situation where the sniper rifle is somewhat neglected because the fast-paced battle often spreads.   #Guide #TBG #GunGuide        

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