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Guide to Guns - 11. Hemlok Burst AR

Apex Legends: General - Guide to Guns - 11. Hemlok Burst AR  image 1
Apex Legends: General - Guide to Guns - 11. Hemlok Burst AR  image 2

Apex Legends' Hemlok Burst Assault rifle is a high damage assault rifle that strangely seems to work much better in single-shot mode than using its typical three-shot burst. Our Apex Legends Hemlok Guide guides you through the various statistics behind the scenes of this weapon, from DPS and Rate of Fire to time-to-kill in various circumstances.   ⚠Stats Base Damage: 18 Headshot Damage: 24 Base Magazine Capacity: 18 Ammo Type: Heavy Rounds The Hemlok Burst AR does a little more damage than the R-310 Carbine, but you’re limited to 3-round burst for the firing mode. It’s a step-up, but there are better rifles out there.   ⚠Attachments 1X HCOG Classic (Common) 2X HCOG Bruiser (Rare) 3X HCOG Ranger (Epic) 1X Holo (Common) 1X-2X Vairiable Holo (Rare) 2X-4X Variable AOG (Epic) 4X-10X Digital Sniper Threat (Legendary)   Barrel Stabiliser (Common, Rare, Epic) Extended Heavy Mag - (Common, Rare, Epic) Standard Stock (Common, Rare, Epic)   The number of bullets is similar, but installing "Extended Heavy Magazine" will allow you to load up to 30 same as " Flat Line " . "Extended Heavy Magazine" is not only an increase in the number of bullets but also an effect of increasing the reloading speed not less than rare, it is powerful when you face the enemy, so please find it if you find it.     ⚠Spray Pattern

Apex Legends: General - Guide to Guns - 11. Hemlok Burst AR  image 4

  ⚠Review Hemlok's Burst Mode can not compete with the short-range DPS of many other weapons. Therefore, it is much better to go into single-shot mode with the Hemlok and click quickly to surpass your opponents with the high shot that surpasses that of any other automatic weapon in Apex Legends except the Devotion. so users will usually give up the Hemlok for a good old Carbine.   #Guide #TBG #GunGuide    

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