dredruby1 LV.2 Elite Four
Mar 5, 2019, 09:44 AM 60 read

The Dream Apex Team

1: Pathfinder. He's got many things to love. Neat emotes, good quips, your peak robotic sidekick. He's got some usefulness with those ziplines too. You want to get up high or go real far? You want to get that airdrop that seems far or have a teammate to catch up? Pathfinder has your back. His grapple is functional too, even if it's more personal. You can go far, high, and grapple almost like you can in Titanfall 2. You can even grapple enemies for your teammates to shred! Finally, he has robotic hacking abilities, able to hack certain towers to help position yourself to the next ring. Overall, Pathfinder is your "friendly" robo sidekick who can zip you from place to place, grab enemies for you and you team to make into Swiss, and grab the info for the ring so you can murder those who stand in your way. 2: Lifeline. This gal is your go to medic. When she revives, she has a shield that she can use while she picks you up faster than others. After that, she can heal you using her handy dandy bot. Other people need healing than just that one greedy spoil? Just let the drone stab the others! She also has a neat little care package that comes too. Does it have guns? No. Does it have health, shields, and other items you need like armor? Yes. You can spawn it almkst anywhere too, and it comes down faster. For this, Lifeline is the healer to beat. She heals faster, protects more, and gives your team materials to be more of a bullet sponge. 3: Bangalore: To top of the better team, our (American?) soldier has our backs. Her ultimate is a set of artillery rockets that rain down from the sky, killing all around... almost. They actually take a second, letting you escape, and they concuss the enemy, leaving them vulnerable for attack. Her smoke grenades have a wide versatility. You want to hide all entrances, sniping enemies as they enter or exit? 2 smokes to do that. You have an enemy shooting you and you need to revive someone? Smokes will help to an extent. You need to run to live or revive someone? Smoke yiur path so they can't see your exact location. Speaking if escaping, her passive is a boost if she's spotted, making her hard to catch and having her get those wins easier. Through that, Bangalore is a quick soldier with quick and easy to use smokes and disorienting artillery. Tl;dr... A robotic, ziplining scout, a medic, and a smoky soldier fly on to the battlefield and hopefully become victorious. With these three champions and enough skill and luck, you'll most likely be the next Apex Champions.

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