On Bompton LV.3 Lurker
Mar 5, 2019, 02:55 AM 434 read

#MyApexSquad #MyApexLegends #MyLegendsEvent #Vote4vote Bangalore, Bloodhound and Lifeline

First in the line up we have #Bangalore who's smokes allow us to push or retreat as we please let us not forget about her Ultimate with the air strikes allowing you to do either. Second we have #Bloodhound not only is he complimented by #Bangalores smokes by using his passive he can be a very clutch asset to the team when using his Ultimate + Bangs smokes in a Devastating combo bc well he can see you and you can't see him. Beat that wraith.. Finally to finish off the team we have Lifeline who as we all know can be very useful especially in those games where NOOONE has heals :( but let's not mistake #Lifeline as a bench player while #Bloodhound and #Bangalore do the dirty work #Lifeline is there to save the day whether it's a fast heal to continue the push or a clutch rez to kill that third party. And That's #MyApexLegends #MyApexSquad #MyApexSquadEvent

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