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Mar 4, 2019, 04:01 PM 2,963 read

What Does Stock Do in Apex Legends?

I posted a post to share with Moot users the tips I got from watching the videos on YouTube below.   What is the role of Stock? If you look at several communities, you can see the faster handling and reduction of the immobility. I can understand the reduction of the aim drift, but I do not understand what the handling means at all. The handling here is called "raise speed" and "lower speed" when you swap weapons. For example, suppose you have a G7 scout with an Epic stock a R-301 with nothing in it. If you want to change weapons from G7 to R-301 while engaging, you have Epic stock so the G7 goes down faster The R-301 does not receive any compensation and is lifted to its original speed. If both weapons have epic stocks, they can quickly change the guns, which is very beneficial in engagement.     If you do not understand, please check the original video below. 2:18 Put down the gun and put it up to see what we're talking about. 3:02 The speed difference between no whiteness and epic stock (video producer repeated training mode until 45 minutes of infertile)  


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