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The end is close

A little story I have made to try and display how good the Bangalore, Bloodhound and Pathfinder set up is.... You have loaded into a game, you got a good land at bridges, got yourself a wing man and you start off good you and your team mates are having fun, you also have a few kills under your belt and your in the top 5 You see that the kill leader is getting a lot of kills from the kill feed and you are just hoping to hear that beautiful sound of “champion killed” You look at the name in the kill feed Rakoci420 you think back on a sh!tty YouTube video you have seen then realise that it’s the same person. You now discover that you will not win when your up against Rakoci and his crew (the Champions) It is now top 4 Then top 3 Now 2 You take a big breath mortified to see this squad has taken out 2 squad in the space of a couple of seconds Then you here it “It’s zip line time” It is as soft sound but your sure you heard it You now see the champion squad coming towards you Bangalore, Pathfinder and Bloodhound you quickly run and hide in the closest house, you close the door and pray. You hear your team mate fall to the floor just out side your house and hear Bangalores taught “hahaha take a breather you lost this one” *Bang* Your teammate is eliminated *The door opens* And you can hear a metal thud on the ground *a smoke grenade deploys* *everything is covered in smoke* You are now terrified, the sweat starts to drop from your face, you think to your self you might be safe then *Bang* Then your down on your hands and knees, knocked and waiting for a revive from the last teammate standing, you see a soft red glow from the smoke, it is getting closer and closer until it is right over the top of you, you try to look up and you see it the red glowing eyes of death looking back at you and you know your time is up you try to call out to your team mates to run “brothers run for yo-“ you get cut off by a bloodthirsty whisper “I am the hunter the gods have sent” and pulls out his knife and says “The gods have decided” the knife goes straight into your heart and in your last moments you see a crow land upon his shoulder as he disappears back into he smoke, A title goes across the screen GAME OVER You load back into the lobby and say You got Bangalore jimmy cause Bangalore can use her smokes and billy you go Pathfinder so we can charge them and I’ll go bloodhound You go into the next game and.... #myapexsquad #apexlegends #bangalore #bloodhound #pathfinder

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