Bryan Tena LV.2 Lurker
Mar 1, 2019, 09:56 AM 295 read

Ole chappie squad

Pathfinder, because his mobility makes him an outstanding flanker. Also because his ult resets so fast he can totally pull a team out of tight spots, as well Zipline right to the fight. Life Line, obviously everyone needs a good healer, after you kill everyone using Pathfinders mobility and Bangalores ulti you need to heal up. In a tight fight and you need a quick pick up life line is there for you. Bangalore, her ult is really good at scattering enemies, as well as pushing back multiple squads, used right she can keep enemies at Bay long enough for the squad to heal up in the smoke. The smoke is awesome if you're in a shit spot you can have path finder shoot a way out pop smoke and gtfo, once there you can heal up with the bot and get back into the fight. #ultimatesquad #squadgoals #squads #apex #apexlegends #myapexsquad

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