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Mar 1, 2019, 07:21 AM 3,371 read

Should things like double pumping and bunny hopping be allowed?

There are so many exploits in this game. The question is should these be considered bugs or should these be accepted? Some people argue that the people who use these exploits are bug abusers while others argue that it increases the skill gap and are techniques that better players can use.   Respawn patched the infinite glide balloon, but they haven't made any comments about things like double pumping and bunny hopping. For those that don't know, double pumping is when you cancel the pump animation with the Peacekeeper, allowing you to shoot it at an insanely fast fire rate. Bunny hopping is a technique that allows you to move basically at sprint speed while healing.   What are your thoughts on these types of things?   Here's a video detailing some of the exploits:

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