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Guide to Guns - 09. Alternator SMG

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The Alternator SMG is a sub machine gun weapon in Apex Legends. As the name implies, it fires through two alternating barrels. The alternator is slow but has decent damage for a SMG. He has a high vertical but very small horizontal recoil, which, along with his exceptionally fast reload time, makes him a simple and versatile weapon for newer players. Put an extended mag and a holo on it and you're good to go, but do not expect it to outperform a good assault rifle or a LMG.     ⚠Stats Base Damage: 13 Headshot Damage: 19 (*1.46) Base Magazine Capacity: 16 Ammo Type: Light Rounds   ⚠Attachments 1X HCOG Classic (Common) 2X HCOG Bruiser (Rare) 3X HCOG Ranger (Epic) 1X Holo (Common) 1X-2X Vairiable Holo (Rare) 2X-4X Variable AOG (Epic) 1X Digital Threat Legendary   Barrel Stabiliser (Common, Rare, Epic) Extended Light Mag - (Common, Rare, Epic) Standard Stock (Common, Rare, Epic)   Although "the alternator" is less in the first loading number, it eventually increases by adding the "extended light magazine" more than twice on the load number. Since weapons also turn into a larger number of bullets, it is recommended to install a magazine.   ⚠Spray Pattern

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  ⚠Review I'm sure this weapon was nerfed, but not sure, but even after Nerf, this weapon was insane if you were a wielding beast. Good players could close the gap and get you out with this SMG. There were a lot of complaints about the damage in the last days of the game, but I'm not trying to be mean, they were stupid complaints. I never died of a generator that feels like I died of cheese. The weapon needed effort. In this game, I feel like other guns are doing a better job. Maybe it's because the weapon in Tf2 was not an ADS weapon at all and I'm just not used to running it without the wall, and I'm sure others have had better results than me so far. Has a click to the fire, which was filled with light ammo.   #Guide #TBG #GunGuide      

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