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Iranian players signed a petition to play Apex Legends.

More than 32,000 players have signed a petition to Change.org, which asks Respawn Entertainment to find a way for Iranian players to play Apex Legends.   https://www.change.org/p/let-iranian-gamers-play-apex-legends-apexforiran/u/24221842   In recent weeks, Iranian players have been banned from joining Apex Legends, apparently due to online restrictions imposed on Iranian users. To play Apex Legends players must connect to cloud servers that are inaccessible from Iran.   The petition was launched on February 23, surpassing the original goal of 10,000 signatures in a matter of hours. Since then, over 32,000 people have joined the campaign, asking Respawn Entertainment to develop a mechanism for Iranian players to play Apex Legends.   More than 28 million players live in Iran and over 40% of them play online. 31,000 participants in the campaign show that the demand for Apex Legends among Iranian players is high.   According to the petition titled "Let Iranian Gamers Play Apex Legends", playing the game is too hard, if not impossible, due to the above-mentioned issues in the country.   Only a few eager Iranian players could play Apex Legends with VPN or proxy services to connect to the servers. VPN and proxy services are unreliable for playing games and significantly increase ping operation, making the game experience much more difficult.   The petition concludes, "We have one simple request: let the Iranian players Apex Legends play against their international counterparts and participate in the global experience of transgressing national borders that allow popular online video games."   #News

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