CaptinRappy LV.2 Lurker
Feb 27, 2019, 05:27 AM 224 read

The 3 Best Legends

Lifeline, bloodhound, Caustic. Caustic and bloodhound are interchangable with gibriltar and wraith, respectively. Caustic can lock down buildings with bombs by the doors. You shoot it open the bomb goes off. Kick it in bomb goes off. Lifeline is your go to for medic. Care package is best shit. Bloodhound can snipe and spot enemies, not to mention his ultimate makes him super fast at anything he does. Run faster, mantle faster, reload faster. Spot and see enemies. He's practically required for casing a joint. You need him to see if there's that one guy in the pit, or three. Or ten. Or who's camping the building over there if anyone. Gibriltar is replacement for caustic as he can still put up his shield and his ultimate is good for pinning down an enemy team to either advance or extract. Wraith is also good for the same reason. She can set a portal when combat starts to escape quick if people get hurt. That portal goes in a house, you camp it, you kill whatever comes through with extreme prejudice. And since it can go through doors closed it's perfect. It can also trap enemies into caustics no bombs, ace strategy. #apex #gamer

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