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Apex Legends Deatiled Ability Stat Chart

Apex Legends: General - Apex Legends Deatiled Ability Stat Chart image 1

    @ThrillGame has posted a chart detailing the statistics of each Legend's Passive, Tactical, and Ultimate abilities. To succeed in Apex Legends, players need to make sure that they are familiar and familiar with at least a few legends. In this way, their teams can have a whole series of legends that complement each other at all times.

  In terms of values comparison, the legend that has the fastest loading time for its ultimate ability is Pathfinder, with 90 seconds. The legend that takes the longest to recharge your Ultimate is the Lifeline, which fetches a care package every 360 seconds. The Mirage, Pathfinder, Wraith and Gibraltar legends all have the lowest cooldown on their respective tactical abilities - 15 seconds. Meanwhile, the legend with the longest cooldown for their tactics is the lifeline, which takes 60 seconds to reload her heal drone.   #tips #News #Guide      

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