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The Beginner's Guide - 05

Apex Legends: General - The Beginner's Guide - 05  image 1

  21. Wall jumping This trick allows you to break off the walls for a speed boost and a sudden change of direction. To get it right, focus on the timing and do not forget to let go of w / forward.   22. Bunny hopping By using "bunny hopping" after a forward thrust for swing, it is possible to heal or shield while keeping the movement speed high. This is ideal if you are trying to escape in bad health as the float also makes you dodge.   23. Avoid stuns  

You can cancel the stun when landing from a large fall by kicking the ground as you land. Normally, a long fall will result in a short "stun" that slows down the movement speed and prevents you from taking any action. This can be canceled for a smoother transition.     24. Reverse the slide It's possible to slip back quickly so you can escape quickly while keeping an eye on all the enemies you're pursuing. This technique can also be used in conjunction with bunny hopping to heal while staying fast and looking behind.     25. Pathfinder catapult Pathfinder already has some creative movement possibilities with its gripper, but if you make a jump to the right, you can use it to move much further forward. This technique also does not require a high swinging wall to sustain the thrust. #Guide #TBG        

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