picu434 LV.20 Team Player
Feb 25, 2019, 11:20 PM 243 read


Lifeline, Bangalore, Bloodhound Lifeline--she is the best she help her teammates by placing her healing drone, call in care packages, and when using meds she increase the usage by 25% Bangalore--she calls in a artillery on the enemy, runs faster when shot at , and throws smoke canisters to block the enemy's view to either run or rush the enemy Bloodhound--he can track the enemy and tell us where they gone, he has Beast of the Hunt where it increases his senses and make him move faster , he can call Eye of the AllFather to see through any little thing that helps his teammates so they can prepare for an attack THAT'S MY BEST APEX SQUAD #APEX SQUAD ADD ME ON PS4 ITS PICU434 IM GOOD WITH LIFELINE

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