Dice Wesley LV.2 Lurker
Feb 24, 2019, 11:58 PM 169 read


Well I actually have two different types of squads I like to run but my first is Bangalore Bloodhound Gibraltar Bangalore first bc of her smokes an ultimate Her smokes are great cover and can be used in a offvensive matter in such a case as say u n ur team got in to a big fight and a third party shows up like usual the fire it another way n make them think ur over there while u heal throw it on them and use her ultimate but let's say ur in close quarters n ur team gets pinched like in the pit throw the smoke and let ur ultimate rip people also her double timing it is amazing. Now Gibraltar duh there is he dangerous destroying ulitmate but I main him n I use him differently than others if I have a team mate knocked I throw my dome and my ulitmate asap on top of them the ultimate keep other people running and my dome keeps me protected as I revive also if some one uses there special dome to dodge if there's 3 teams fighting in a big area throw ur ulitmate and watch the hit point and peoples shields go u in flames also TIP if you worried about some on running in on ur shield don't bc if they get ballsy throw a arc star n push out the back . Last bloodhound tracking ability crazy scanning area amazing and ultimate freaking insane ๐Ÿ”ฅwith these two characters bloodhound become a GOD he will be able to use Bangalores smoke to hunt others down when people are running away from Gibraltars ulitmate he can scan which house they are in the shield healing strat he can't stand on the out side run through and completely slaughter enemy legends also the tracking ability is a need to you can easily track others down and rack up on kills. So there you go there is #MyApexSquad #ApexLegends #BigPlays

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