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Feb 24, 2019, 09:33 PM 91 read

The Spiciest Apex Squad

#MyApexSquad is the spiciest and as follows. Gibraltar is support. Laying down that needed cover fire with Sniper or LMG in controlled bursts. Making full use of that that passive shield ability. And when things go slightly out of hand he simply chucks his ultimate, drops his shield and sits back and relaxes. Gibraltar is simply 1 up ok Lifeline. Who needs a frontal shield that covers a minimal area when you can cover every direction possible and it stays up while your teammates are healing. What’s better? Pathfinder is a must for all those adrenaline junkies: flying across the map making insane flanks by using his grappling hook, similar to the one seen in another game by Respawn, Titanfall, also using his fast regenerating intimate the Zip-line to gain that height advantage and Escape the storm if needed meanwhile ,of course, destroying all at 100 MPH is a skill to hone and is most effective as a Pathfinder. as well as this his witty humour is to ‘spice up your gameplay’ having brutally murdered a whole squad and then receiving a “sorry friend” is pure humiliation! Additionally, gaining that extra intel to find the next circle is quite vital, allowing your team to traverse the map in the right direction and hold defences in a location you know will be crucial next ring. Pathfinder a havoc to deal with. We have our Support (Gibraltar) and our main Scout (Pathfinder) Now It’s time to meet the Damage as I call them the one who helps all, a real necessity! Bangalore. Her military mindset fits her play style, nothing extremely futuristic but non the less extremely important. Smoke bombs. Obscuring the opponents vision and foiling their plans while Big boy Gibraltar sits on the cliff picking them off like stealing candy from a baby and Pathfinder flings himself around scouting for any run aways! Additionally, her ultimate similar to Gibraltar’s but together. Unstoppable. Don’t get me started on her speed buff, her speed buff? Woah. Since when was sonic in Apex legends? All together this squad is an intense combo that teams need apps like Moot to find fellow comrades! If you’ve not given it a try search for a team or contact your buddies and try it out! Best of luck Legends!

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  • 簡単FeaR LV.11 Boo! Feb 25, 2019, 08:01 AM

    Amazing !