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Feb 23, 2019, 10:54 AM 210 read

#MyApexLegends POST TO WIN IT ALL!!!

So I have many classes of legends to assist in this. First class - Teamwork 1. lifeline, obviously because of her team healing ability and extreme combat effectiveness 2. Pathfinder ONLY because he can of course allow fast travel to the zone, building, escape, etc. with his zip line 3. Wraith ONLY BECAUSE OF HER PORTAL that can allow team members to quickly escape a bad spot, hurry to zone, etc similar to Pathfinder. Second Class - Teamwork 2.0 1. Lifeline again because that’s a necessary 2. Caustic because of his traps and his extreme area denial skills allowing his team to heal/loot, rearm, etc. 3. Gibraltar because of his similar ability to Caustic of area denial and protection towards your team and allows healing/rearming etc. Third Class - Soloing/Flanking 1. Mirage for his ability to flank and distract creating openers for the enemy and the power to capitalize on the mistakes of his enemies. 2. Wraith for her ultra useful void run that allows her to flank undetected and also to know if someone is targeting her to allow quick getaway. 3. Pathfinder somewhat for his ultimate mobility. Last Class - Flanks 2.0 Bangalore can possibly replace Pathfinder in the third class depending on how you use her, and that is all! This is personal opinion and I hope I win this crap. Gotta get that money. #MyApexLegends

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